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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

No Mood Already

This morning, I was checking various sites that shows our current Page Rank since I read that the toolbar may not be accurate. So the read that I got for this blog is a three though the toolbar says it's a two. That is a lot of difference you know?

BUT then when I checked another blog of mine which is was a three, and dropped to two and then one, the SEO site shows that it's STILL a three but when I checked the custom URL trends, it's now showing less than 1. HOW CAN??????

I mean, how can it continue to drop? Is it because somebody's keeping track and see that I still have links on my site? Si beh tulan already!

Also, my Nokia's not giving me an email sound alert anymore AGAIN! Haihh.. that means time to reset it, AGAIN! I hope that Nokia comes up with an improved firmware soon! GGGrrrrrrrr


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