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Friday, October 19, 2007

Too Many Insurance Policies To Buy

A few months ago, mentioned that I should get myself life insurance coverage mainly because my parents are my dependants and I would be able to get an income tax rebate on my policy. It scares me to think that something may happen to me and my parents would be left in a lurch. Some people told me that life insurance is not important but to me, in my circumstances, it totally is.

However, I talked to some of my insurance agent friends and they told me that how much I want to buy us up to me. How can I put a dollar amount on my life?

On one hand, important as it may be, I am also responsible for our home insurance which I just increased my premium because we now have more valuable items at home compared to the 80s when my mother last upgraded the policy.

Also, there is the car insurance speaking of which it is time to renew the road tax and car insurance this November which would cost me MYR800 for six months of road tax including one year of third part insurance for the car. I don't even have enough to spare for windscreen insurance.

Life is tough, isn't it?


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