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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Terry's Fabrics Classy Window Blinds and Poles

There are too many windows in my home and after a while, it gets tiring washing those curtains! I have been thinking of changing my curtains to window blinds. Friends tell me that blinds are easier to maintain than fabric curtains and I think they are right!

As I was surfing the internet, I remember that Terry's Fabrics has a wide selection of window blinds to get some ideas. I really like their range of vertical blinds which are said to offer privacy and protection from sunlight too.

Also, they are great because they can be easily shortened to fit the room. These will never go wrong in any home.

Just when I thought that I would change all my curtains to vertical blinds, curtain poles with a cracked glass effect finial on Terry's Fabrics online store caught my eye! I think they would look great in my home too!

Tell me, should I go for total blinds now?


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