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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Home Cell Meeting

Last evening, my neighbour called me up and invited me to join him in their weekly home cell meeting which he will be hosting. I had to turn him down and I always feel bad about it. I wonder why he could be so thick skinned.

Firstly, I am not a Christian and I do not want to socialise with them knowing full well that their sole intention is to try to make me convert to another religion. I have nothing against any religion and I respect them all because I come from a multi-religion family too but then what I dislike is their over-zealousness.

And to have to keep turning him and his cell leader down once too often, it looks like I am anti-social which I swear I am not! Also, the senior neighbour and his wife who live opposite my house have already converted to Christianity all thanks to this guy. See how dangerous he is!!!

Granted, he is a good person and can be a good friend too but please la, keep religion aside, OK?


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