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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Get More Organized With Storage Solutions

When I was sharing a room with my sister before she migrated to the United States, she used to be the Queen of Clutter while my side of the room looked ultra organized. Now that she has left, I have pawned her bed, desk and dresser and I have taken over her position as the clutter queen.

I am not proud of that because I like to keep my things in their own special places but I seriously lack the time to tidy up my room.

I would certainly appreciate storage solutions for my magazines, letters, CDs and stocks for my online business. There are of course many more knick knacks that need a proper place but these are the more obvious things that need immediate attention. I love to use proper storage bins because it is easy to clean and will keep my items dust-free.

I wonder when I will have the time to turn my room into what it used to be!


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