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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Chronic Time Waster

Yes, that is what I am. This whole week, I have so much time on my hands that I have been playing computer and mobile games. I know I will probably regret it at the end of the month but I am enjoying myself so much, it is hard to tear myself away and focus on work.

Those who own PSP will understand what I am saying. Once you pick it up, ah ha, you can expect to be stuck to it for hours until the battery runs out!

This game called Balls is so fun to play. The name of the game has a double meaning actually. Firstly, as you can see from the screenshot, there are three different balls. You are the grey ball and you are supposed to touch the hollow ball until it disappears from your screen for three times per level.

Meanwhile, the black ball is the baddie and it will try to catch you. Each time the black ball touches you, you will grow bigger. Of course, you can better reach the hollow ball but it also means that you cannot escape as easily from the black ball anymore.

The clock runs at the same time and to proceed to the next level, you have to "eat" the hollow ball three times. The frame of the game will get smaller and smaller as the clock ticks and when the time is up, the frame disappears altogether.

Balls here also could mean "guts". If you play this game, you will be testing how long you dare to "eat" the hollow ball and how near you dare to be near the black ball.

To play Balls, CLICK HERE! This game is very addictive and don't say I did not warn ya!

P/S: I have gargantuan balls worrrrr


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