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Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Sub-conscious Mind Is SO Weird!!!

Last night, or rather early this morning at 2+am, I browsed through TV Smith's Nine Emperor Gods Processions series of photos. Soon after, I went to bed and you know what, I DREAMT that I was in a procession in my home town!!!

And although the scene in my dream was not EXACTLY like the ones in these series of photos, I could "see" in my dream a similar procession but all happening around town, my town exactly as I know it. Yerrrr when I woke up, I wondered, if I DID dream or was that what I recalled from viewing the photos.

Did you know that if you studied or did your homework just before going to bed, you are bound to remember the subject better? This was what I read when I was still a student and it helped me to score in my subjects even though I always studied at the last minute. I always only study two weeks before an exam and I would study till about 3am then go to bed.

Hah... I think that I studied were absorbed by my brain :D


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