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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Make More Money Playing Online Trivia

You know what, not many people agree to blogging for money but it is OK because there are many more ways to make money online. One of the latest ways that I just discovered late last night is by playing online trivia. There is this website that has just launched not too long ago called Trivia On Net that lets us play for money by answering trivia quizzes on anything under the Sun!

No matter what sort of trivia you are an expert in, there is just the right room for you on Trivia On Net. Let's say you are very well-versed in popular TV trivia, or music, sports, entertainment or "senseless trivia" as a friend of mine says she is an expert in (haha!), if you play on Trivia On Net and if you could answer those trivia questions, then big money is on the way!

Did you know that there is $10,000 cash up for grabs on Trivia On Net DAILY? That is a lot of money, if you ask me and if answering trivia questions is like eating peanuts to you, why not grab a piece of the pie? Apart from the opportunity to earn some serious cash DAILY, you can also claim bragging rights for coming up tops on Trivia On Net!

Of course, to play for money, you will need a little capital. However, fret not. Once your registration is confirmed, your account will be credited with $2. You can of course start playing with this $2 as your capital but why limit yourself when Trivia On Net is giving away 50% bonus of your first deposit, up to a maximum of $500?

This means that if you top up your account with $1000 as your initial deposit, you will receive $500 free money in your account to play on Trivia On Net. I am sure that any trivia junkie would be able to multiply that money even further!

Now can anyone tell me that it is not possible to earn from the internet???


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