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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hope We Never Need A Truck Accident Lawyer

You know, I am saddened by what happened with the ferry that caught fire off Pulau Tioman and I wondered if there is an avenue for the families of victims to seek some sort of compensation or even sue for damages. I know this is not that popular in Malaysia and many people are not even aware of the rights.

I chatted with my sister about this case and she said that in the United States, it is very common for people to bring up a lawsuit in cases like these. She said that there are law firms that specialize in accidents and help victims seek damages.

For instance, if a victim in California is involved in a truck accident, like being banged by a commercial truck and died, the family could hire Truck Accident Lawyers California to help them investigate the case and file a suit.

I hope that as Malaysians mature, it would be easier to hire a Truck Accident Lawyer if there is a need! So far, Malaysians are still not that aware of their rights and many times, they lose out because they did not pursue their rights.

Like in this ferry case, I am sure that they can get compensation. I hope that some lawyer would help them!


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