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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Scare Yourself On Halloween!

Do you believe in ghosts, or spirits? I do and I try not to mess with them so that they will not mess with me! However, on Halloween's there are people who purposely seek out ghostly spots to tempt these spirits. There are people who purposely book rooms in haunted hotels just to experience the eeriness. I dare not do it, do you?

If you are like also a chicken like me and yet curious to know where are these haunted hotels and what sort of spirits occupy them, then head over to which has a list of haunted hotels and their ghostly stories all over America and the United Kingdom.

Perhaps after reading these stories and contributions from people who actually stayed at these haunted hotels, you may want to stay and experience it yourself? What better day to scare yourself shitless than on Halloween night?? hehehe


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