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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

When Is The Right Time?

Yesterday I was browsing some dating site and I saw this poll which asked people's opinion on when is the right time to begin having sex in a new relationship. I find it amusing that the majority of the votes went to "When in love". I guess that people are always falling in and out of love so does that mean that they are going to do it with all their boy/girlfriends? I think that's what's happening.

I also found it very amusing that the other options were "One month" and "Third date". Why not "Second month" or "third year" haha! Wonder what rationale that made them come up with this!

Do note that the majority of the replies were from Americans who are more open minded about sex. They treat it as if they are changing clothes. One day few times. Do you think guys would appreciate it? No, man. They get bored and they move on. The only "loser" would be the girl.

If you are curious of what I selected, it's "Once married". Don't kill me, you're lucky I didn't say "Next life!"


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