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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Today, 31st October, is when the majority of the Western world celebrates what is known as Halloween, or Night of the Witches. What is there to celebrate about, I don't know. To cut the long story short, Halloween is like the Seventh Moon 14th Day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar where spirits from the netherworld roam free.

Although the difference for Chinese is that this happens for the entire Seventh month but the peak is on the fourteenth and the climax on the last day of the Seventh month.

Funnily enough, on Halloween's everyone in the West who is celebrating Halloween would be wearing ghostly suits. Do you know why? This is so that they could "blend in" with the spirits wor... YERRR who wants to BLEND IN with them??? Crazy meh??

Can you imagine what would happen here in Malaysia if for the whole of Seventh month we wear these ghostly suits to try to blend in with the free roaming spirits so that they would think that we are also one of them Geli!


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