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Monday, October 29, 2007

Sandals For All Lifestyles

I think most of us like to go barefooted at home but my sister has this habit of wearing shoes at home after she moved to the United States. She told me that although her friends would normally wear sneakers, she prefers to wear sandals. AT HOME!

In the Summer, she bought a couple of pairs of reef sandals online, the kind that is very popular this year According to my sister, even sandals follow trends and seasons. Active Sandals, which has an online store at, has a new selection of men's and women's sandals for fall. I don't remember the designs of the summer selection anymore so I cannot compare them.

I really like the pair of women's reef sandals that is pink in color where proceeds from the sale of these will go towards the support of Boarding for Breast Cancer. October is breast cancer awareness month, by the way. And it is only $46 per pair!

If pink is not your favorite color, then fret not. Believe it when they say that Active Sandals is the largest sandal retailer in the world, online or offline! With so many different fashions, designs, brand names and colors, don't tell me there is nothing that meets your taste?


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