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Monday, October 29, 2007

A Few Random Pissy Things

Spent the whole morning battling spam comments on my WordPress blogs. Over 600 of them. I won't even bother normally, except that I know legit comments are being trapped there despite DE-SPAMMING numerous times! Bah!

Then my WordPress blog, dunno what's wrong I cannot log out of my a/c. PISSSSSed

I can't log into my Consilient since last night. Don't know what is wrong!

My Gmail still cannot support IMAP. How long already???

Where's my iPhone??? SCAM ar????

I cannot watch YouTube on my mobile. WHY????

My package from USA is lost in transit since early August. I gave up waiting!!

My purse torn...leather summore :-(

My jeans not yet wash. Put aside for one month already lalalala

My friend SMS-ed me yesterday morning, I didn't reply. He then called me at 7pm in the evening and I did not pick up the phone. That just shows you how pissed off I am with everything and I am sorry it had to happen to him.

OK, that's all the pissy things that I can think of this morning :( :( :( :(

On another note, I want to give a shout out to my battered comrades: 5xmom, Amy and Doris. And to Samm too, though she is no where "battered". Haha! Stay strong everybody!


shoppingmum said...

Sigh...I pissed until numb liao. But I will laugh over it.

Samm said...

Thanks. But googledance havent ended lah. How to know what will happen to mine tomorrow...... fingers and toees all crossed

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