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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Book Early

Although the year end school holidays are still two months away, many of friends are already making plans for a family vacation. When I question their early plans they told me that they have to do it early or the hotels in popular holiday destinations will be fully booked.

Also, by making early reservations to Florida, a friend of mine was able to get Orlando Hotel Discounts, a hefty percentage off published rates. He told me that it's a whole lot cheaper than booking directly with the hotel. Since he made reservations through an agent, he managed to obtain wholesale rates, not only for the rooms but also on theme park tickets.

I always think that accommodation eats into our holiday budget so any savings like this is always welcome. My friend also told me that I should book early online if I want a hotel with good rates that is near to Disney World.

I don't know, which so much problems happening lately, I really feel that I deserve a break but I just can't without feeling guilty.


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