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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Professional Help To Convert VHS To DVD

I asked my friend how I could salvage my old VHS tapes which already have fungus and he told me that those that already have fungus could not be salvage. I am not sure if he is right because I have a tape which holds memories of my late grandmother's tour in China.

My friend told me that in my case, I would need to seek the assistance of professionals in video transfer and he recommended me APM Studio which he says may be able to help me with the tape.

Also, my friend says that APM Studio has one of the most competitive pricing. Well, he should know because he is also in this business but he is an agent haha!

I checked out the website and they have a few very attractive plans to convert old format videos to digital format. I would love to also convert my old tapes to DVD apart from the one of my late grandmother. DVDs last longer and could even be passed down from one generation to another if they are well kept!


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