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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's Not For Everyone

Yesterday, I was with my friend Marc and I told him all about blogging and asked if he wanted to set up a blog as well. Marc has a very good command of the English language so I thought that he would find no problem blogging.

As I was explaining to him, he asked me how many posts do I write daily and based on the ratio of 50:50 whenever possible, he came to the number of 600 posts per month which means an average of 20 posts per day.

Well, I don't even know how many posts I write per day because some I publish, some I keep in drafts. Some I moblog and write on the spot so everything is very random and there is no fixed schedule to write X posts per day.

Even before starting, Marc told me that he surrender already. hahaha! So easy meh? He could always start by writing two per day but then why force him when he does not need the money?


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