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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Customizing My RSS Feeds

If you noticed, I removed my RSS feed on my side bar for my other blogs last month because it was slow in loading. Since then, I have tried to look for other feed alternatives. Some people questioned why I need it. Well, I have so many blogs that when I do a feed syndication on all my blogs, I would be able to pull in readers from other blogs when they see an interesting headline.

Today, I was introduced to where we could customize our feed. The site is really very simple. you just need to register for an account and then enter all your feed URL to your custom page. You can then add topics to your feed.

What I like about is its simplistic set up. There is no learning curve at all and it is so easy to add/delete feed or topics. I have used other feeds before and they were all so complex offering too many features that I never bother to use!

Right now, I have only played with one of my feeds. I will most probably add all my other feeds to my Topicks page.


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