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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Celcom Bill On Demand

It's down, isn't it? I tried to send in my request for three days numerous times per day and yet I did not even receive a reply! I remember being so impressed with the swift SMS service the past couple of times I used it. It was almost instant!

I ended up giving Customer Service a call and there is an option to get our latest bill, which I selected but the machine gave me the total for my previous bill! Bah... talk about automation. I had to speak to the operator for the real LATEST bill.

I also took the opportunity to raise my credit limit from RM150 to RM250. IO tried to do it last month but did not qualify. They only allow this upgrade for people who have subscribed to their line for at least four months.

This month, they finally allowed it. I was the one who chose RM250. It's just right for me, I think. That would solve the problem of them chasing for my payment every month because my original limit was RM150 only and my data line already took up RM99. Urggh and to think that I already paid for my voice package in advance for a year!


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