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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Need Hair Cut

You wouldn't believe if I told you when my last hair cut was. I think it was around Chinese New Year this year. Yeah, I know, I'm terrible. It was so long ago that I don't even remember when it was already or how much it cost for a simple cut only. I think it was RM15. Cheap? My friend got a haircut around the same time I did and it was almost RM50. I nearly fainted because she was only a student!

Just now I read that a blogger needs CAD$100 to get a haircut. Wow.... if I were to live in Canada, I don't think I ever will set into a salon! But this doesn't mean that I won't cut my hair. I'd do it myself like how I did for a few years.

My sister works at a place that has a hairdressing salon and sometimes they have specialist hairdressers come in. My sister, as a staff is eligible for staff price so she went to get one but she said that this so-called specialist cut her hair like normal, nothing special at all. Then why charge so much??

My hair is all out of style now but I won't be getting a cut so soon. Until I cannot stand my mom's nagging first lah!


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