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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Last-Ditch Effort To Lose Weight

My friend, the little hippo, told me that he is on the verge of giving up losing weight. He KNOWS that it is detrimental to his health but it's a lot of work to get the weight off. Did you know that he is so big-sized that no insurance company would accept his policy because his risk is extremely high? He subsequently found a company that would accept him but only after a long and tiring search and that also comes with a high premium!

He said that in his last-ditch effort, he will be making an appointment for a Lap band surgery. According to him, this is a non invasive surgery that could be performed in an outpatient clinic and there is no necessity to be warded in a hospital because the risk is so low and the recovery is expected to be fast since it is not a complicated procedure.

As his friend, of course I do support his efforts and pray that it would give him the desired results. Right now, he does not have a date yet though. I can't wait to see the new him!


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