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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Circuit Conflict

You know, after a few months of suffering from electricity tripping in our house, I finally found the problem spot AFTER buying the two UPS. Two because we have two sets of computers. Dang... RM300 gone but problem solved, thankfully. It was driving me up the wall and I was losing my work. I was also worried that my hard disk would conk out but thankfully, after much checking, which the electrician asked us to do, I found that the problem actually stemmed from the wall power plug that I use for my computer.

Somehow, while we were all along using a three point plug and then two extensions without an issue, suddenly the wall plug could no longer support the two extensions. OR it could be one of the extensions that is problematic.

In any case, the problem is now solved although I don't exactly know where the problem lies in. I am just so glad that I can continue to work without interruption!


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