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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

London Plans

Jasmine, my cousin, told me that after a number of years living in London, she is now confident of taking me around like a tour guide if I were to visit her. Well, I would need to arrange for cheap accommodation in London first and that would have to depend on my work schedule. When would I be able to get away? I have tried to ask my superior but he was not able to give me a reply. Christmas is just round the corner and we would have to get work out of the way before the long holidays.

Anyway, Jasmine said that I would have to make reservations for London accommodation as early as possible before the holidays as Christmas would be a peak season for tourists and holiday makers. That is the best time to be in London!

If you have thought that London is an expensive city like the impression that I have, Jasmine told me that there are many free entertainment that is open to everyone. Can you imagine going to concerts, comedy shows, cinema, skating and live music shows all for free? Yes, surprisingly these are all possible in "expensive" London City. You will need to know the schedules though!

Perhaps, with all the free entertainment, Jasmine and I could fly to Manchester too. We hope to be able get one of the cheap Manchester hotels and flights!


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