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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Motor Doggie

This afternoon, I was at a pet shop to buy pet food and saw the cutest thing. See this doggie that was sitting quietly on the bucket of the motorcycle that was parked outside the pet shoo. Of course, I could not resist shooting a picture. And it was so clever to pose to boot.

And this was the poodle in the cage inside the pet shop. FOR SALE! I did not ask how much, cute as this was, because I have given up on rearing pets already. I SURRENDER!!!

OK, I know the picture quality isn't perfect but it will do for now for the time being!!

P/S: I see so many cute pets all the time in town that I think I should start a blog on cute animals and their antics. But does that mean I would have to buy a better camera? I lazy to carry so many things, though!


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