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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Spanish Vacation

If you read my earlier post about my friend, Lawrence, he just sent me an email informing me that he is back from his holiday in Spain. Lawrence is based in Europe and he is trying to visit as many neighboring countries as possible before he is posted elsewhere.

Lawrence told me that due to the nature of his job and a very tight schedule, he does not even know when he will have the time for a holiday. That's why all his holidays were booked at the last minute. I asked if he would have to pay premium price for that but he said that with sites like, not only does he not have to pay extra, he may even be eligible for a discount!

According to Lawrence, hotels in Barcelona start from as low as EUR19 per night and that is considered very cheap even if these are only one-star hotels. Lawrence told me that "hotels in Barcelona" is called Hoteles en Barcelona in Spanish. It was a tongue-twister to him and he was very happy that he could make reservations from an English language site!

Apart from Barcelona, Lawrence also went to Madrid. He said that hotels in Madrid are slightly more expensive but still, it was a great vacation experience for Lawrence.

Check out the photo. It was one of the places that Lawrence went to in Barcelona. I love the old architecture and hope that one day I could go there in person!


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