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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pleasure Beach, Blackpool

Don't know that is the attraction about Theme Parks that make people go on rides over and over again. If you have been to Genting, you can see people from ALL ages queuing up to get tickets on one of the many rides. Hah... I personally find that a waste of time so I will buy tickets in advance. Wonder why the others do not do so as well.

Have you heard of the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool in the UK? Well, I did not until my cousin sent me pictures of her trip there a few months ago. According to Jasmine, Pleasure Beach has one of the most famous rides attracting six million people yearly. Can you imagine the crowd? Wow... I wouldn't want to get caught in it without my full day pass!

Check out the website of Pleasure Beach. They currently have an unlimited ride promotion for only GBP20. I have included some shots of the rides. Don't they just make you want to go on an exhilarating ride?


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