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Monday, October 29, 2007

Last Minute Tickets

Do you know why I never bother go watch any big events like concerts and sports? That is because after a few bad experiences, I have practically given up on getting good tickets to these main events. Frankly, sometimes, I don't expect them to be hot sellers and there were times that I could not confirm my schedule that was why I only managed to get the tickets at the last minute, though they were never tickets for seats that I wanted.

My sister told me that this is not a problem in the United States. With a ticket broker like Premium Seats USA that would be able to get her the best seats even at the last minute. I remember my friend, Markus, telling me the same thing, that he managed to obtain a pair of hard to get Miami Heat tickets at the last minute when he was in the United States for a holiday and his flight was delayed.

If only there is a company like this, it would be great, and I would get to attend more concerts and shows!


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