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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

First Instance vs. Last Minute

Wah just now I was chatting with a blog buddy and she told me that she has so many pending paid posts to complete that she is totally swamped and do not know where to start. Let me tell you, IF I were her, I would not have the chance to sleep for one week trying to complete them all at once.

I am the type of person who could not let my tasks or job responsibilities hang. In the case of paid postings, I would only take what I could complete right now. There are many times that I see new offers being released but I let them go because I would not be able to do them within the next few hours.

Yea, I know that we are sometimes allowed up to one week to complete our tasks but I never do my things in the last minute. As I told my buddy, it is always the first instance for me. I try to submit all my posts for review as soon as possible.

If I have tasks that are left undone for more than ONE day, I would feel pressured already. Hah I know I am being silly but then "Silly" is my middle name!


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