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Friday, October 19, 2007

Finding Cheap 4 Color Brochure Printing

You know, I have been told to search for cheap four color brochure printing but I have procrastinated because I don't really understand printing terms and what is the market price but the supervisor at work has been chasing for an update and I was forced to check some websites online for cheap 4 color Brochure Printing.

Although the supervisor told me that they want cheap, they also want quality and reliability. DUH! I almost told him to look for the printer himself but the year is coming to an end and I am waiting for my bonus! I held my tongue because I read that if I have nothing good to say, better not say anything, then!

I actually do know for a Brochure Printing company but I find that their prices are rather steep that was why I opted for an online printer.

As luck would have it, I found PS Print which specializes in four color brochure printing. I could request for an instant quote too from the website which I did already and I am very happy to note that it is not too expensive. I think I will have to let the supervisor know first thing tomorrow morning!

I hope that he would be satisfied with my find though so that I would not have to waste more time looking for another.


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