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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Last evening, I sent an SMS text to my friend with the message "Bibubibubibubibubibu" hence the title of this post. So he replied and asked me what did I swallow? Why is there the siren of an ambulance?

Hahaha do you know what I told him? I said that it's the ambulance from TR. That was so funny! Yes, it was a joke. I am depressed with the PR demotion but I checked some places and it shows a Page Rank of THREE for this blog and "only" a couple of blogs went down.

I think that it's not so much a penalization by Goog. but our own PR leakage that caused the demotion. After one year of abusing my blogs, this is not a surprise. I don't know, all I know is what I see on my toolbar. I wish blogging is so much easier.

Somebody, please cheer me up!


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