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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Billionaire's Birthday

My boss, a billionaire, is celebrating his birthday soon. I have this problem annually, thinking of what birthday present to give him! You know, he is so rich that he can get and has already gotten, whatever that he wants. Yes, wants and not needs. 

And so, I always try to get him customised items or limited edition items. Obviously, there are not cheap, and I always have to share the cost with other colleagues. Not that I like to do so but I just don't have enough of budget. 

Anyway, I scouted this Peter Frampton Les Paul custom guitar while I was searching for a suitable gift. I jumped off my seat when I saw the price tag. We couldn't afford it even if we shared it out with the entire office. Hahaha 

Oh well, maybe I should just tip him off and let him buy it himself.


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