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Monday, August 31, 2015

My CD Collection

A couple of days ago, a friend showed me a photo of his CD collection, neatly stacked like mine, but dust free, unlike mine! 

I told him that since upgrading to a smart phone, I no longer had the need to touch any of my CDs since I listed to my mp3 files from the phone and to other music using the FM radio application.

That short chat made me wonder if my mp3 cd player is still working. I need to test it. If not, I think I will buy a new one and start spinning my CDs again. 

Yes, it definitely has been a long time since I pulled out any, and it's about time I check them out again.


kakalina wak said...

Same here. All my CDs cover with dust hehe...Listening fav. song online or using mobile app. Time to check my radio! ;-)

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