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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Another Trip Coming Up

Well, well, well. After two months sitting on my butt in front of my computer typing away, it is time to make a move again. And this time it is to Sarawak. The previous trip was to Langkawi which means I got to fly. I am flying again to East Malaysia. Yay! Will I get to fly to the Netherlands again?? It's been more than a year and I miss that trip so much. 

Anyway, I have just a few days at home to clear up all my work before my trip. I hope to start with a clean slate but I know it won't happen. Haihhhh what to do? I have to lug my laptop along. It's a long trip and I have pending work to complete. Also, I need to back up my photos at the end of each day. The corrupted memory card that I faced on a trip to Terengganu was most awful! 

Till I see you again!


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