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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Off To Negeri Sembilan

Of all the states in Malaysia that I have visited, Negeri Sembilan is one that I had only passed through. I have not spent more than a few hours there but this time, I have the opportunity to spend four days there. Ho yeah! 

I used to have a friend in Seremban and I had thought of taking the ETS from Ipoh to Seremban (when it was still in service) to visit him but then he was suffering from cancer and his health deteriorated very quickly. And then he passed away, and I didn't make an excuse to have a holiday there anymore. 

Anyway, years have passed and I am healed, I guess, since I am looking forward to visit Negeri Sembilan. With this trip, I am ticking yet another state off the handful of Malaysian states that I have yet to visit. And by visit, I mean to spend at leas\t a few days there.


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