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Thursday, June 06, 2013

I'm Back!

If you wondered where I went, well, I am still here! For the past couple of weeks, I was travelling, first to Malacca, and then to Selangor. Yup, it was a hectic time for me and I have had tons to catch up on when I came home. It's always this same old tiring cycle. I hope that things are different but it's the best that I could have for the time being. 

Well, am glad to say that I have finally caught up with the bulk of my work. Things are never done, as you know, but despite my pace, and falling ill these past few days since my return. I am glad that I managed to catch up with the backlog of work. 

Actually, that was what I did for the past few days! Have to finish everything at hand as I will be going away soon. Where? Guess...LOL


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