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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Traveling Perks

Every time I return from a trip, I want to go on another one as soon as possible. No doubt, I will have tons of work waiting for me when I get home, but frankly, I don't like doing it, and just wish I could go away again.

I don't know what exactly it is that I miss. I think it's the sense of adventure, but it could also be the perks involved, like free massages and spa appointments. Actually, I have been thinking of getting my own spa hot tub so that I can enjoy the same privilege and luxury while I'm at home. Obviously, it wouldn't be free but it would be at a reasonable cost.

Since I've had this idea, I have been checking out hot tubs, and I have to say that they are slightly out of my budget. However, I will consider it as an "investment". It's still cheaper than travelling, right? And, I could buy discount spa covers to protect that investment, which is very important. Some people have told me that spa hot tub covers are optional, but I want to have them for when I have to travel and may not be able to utilize my hot tub as often as I would like. The best of both worlds! 

While I have started to save for this, I am already spending a lot of time checking out the items I need to get. If you see products here at Spa Mart, you would, like me, also be amazed at the many different models available. I am not someone who likes to make decisions, and would rather someone else take charge, while I just enjoy making use of my purchase. 

Oh well, maybe I should just make my own decisions for once, or get a friend who has experience with purchasing spa hot tubs, to pick one and set mine up for me, while I just settle the bill. Hmm, tempting! 

Meanwhile, I will just continue to build up my savings. This will definitely be a big purchase for me!


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