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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Library Management System

When I was young, I used to dream of having a library. I had shelves and shelves of books, lucky me, and I would spend as much time arranging them as reading those books. Sometimes, I would arrange those books in alphabetical order, sometimes by author, sometimes even according to book color! I had a master list of my book catalog, and would label the books and shelves. It was fun. As I grew older, I relocated a few times and had to sell or give away most of my books. While I do have a new collection of books now, I don't have time to read, let alone arrange them. 

I had the chance to visit my friend at her workplace, a school, last week, just before the long holidays, and she took me around the library. She said that they have adopted a new library management system, and most of the shelves and books need new labels now. As they wanted to complete the project quickly before the holiday, they opted to use Primera Labels. These labels are smudge-resistant and even water-based inkjet inks can dry very quickly because they are highly absorbent. My friend said they were able to get their labels direct from the wholesaler at a very good price, thankfully. 

Visiting her school's library has given me an idea of how to systematize my home office. It's in a huge mess as it is right now, and difficult to look for the relevant documents, if I'm in a hurry. While documents are not exactly books, and I should use a filing system, I think I am better off creating my own system instead. 

I will start looking for Online labels. There are so many to choose from, see products here, and maybe you can let me know which I should opt for. Budget, as usual, will be my main consideration.


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