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Friday, February 01, 2013

Home Office Woes

My friend sent me a text message late last night to inform me that he broke his office chair. If you are wondering why the need to inform me, it's because I accompanied him to shop for the chair. It took him a long time, as he was fussy about the comfort level the chair provides. Being a home office, he spends a lot of time working from his desk, and hence, he wanted to look for something extra comfortable. 

My friend was willing to pay a good price for his office chair but I am quite surprise that even with that price tag, it didn't last time too long. I don't doubt that he made good use of the chair while it lasted, but still, for that price, it should have lasted a lot longer. 

Now, I have advised him to check out discount chairs. Don't get me wrong. These chairs, with smaller price tags, don’t necessarily mean that they are inferior in quality. It just means that they are value-oriented. Office chairs can be extremely expensive, especially executive chairs, which was what my friend bought. 

I told my friend that discount chairs are value-for-money and he could be surprised that they may be just as comfortable, if not more, than what he bought. Besides, who would know that he's using an inexpensive chair, when he works from home? 

Additionally, he would be saving plenty of time shopping for chairs, since he could easily do it online here, a website which has a wide selection of inexpensive office chairs. Once he has made his selection of a discount chair, he could just pay for it over the internet and sit back and wait for delivery of his purchase.

Speaking of chairs, I too may get a new one for my own home office. They are so budget-friendly, I can afford to replace my chair every once in a while.


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