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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Problematic Skin

I have been fighting a hard battle with my skin of late. Blame it on the hormonal ups and downs, or what you may, but to me, problem skin is still problematic. It is also tougher for me because of my long list of skin allergens, so I have to be really careful when I am selecting products.

Of course, I try to combat the problem by using natural means wherever possible, like flushing the system with gallons of water; however, when there are new products introduced that claim to put a stop on wrinkle aging, it gets me interested at once. Yes, I am THAT vain. :P

It helps too if the product offers a 30-day money back guarantee, in the case of this product by Ageless Derma, since I could not find a list of ingredients on the site. It was very risky for me to invest in such a product when I do not know if the ingredients will work on my skin or cause a bad reaction.

What about my other problem then? I am also mildly interested in skin lightener products, not so much for the overall whitening of my skin, but only to get rid of freckles, pigmentations and some age spots, all a result of ignorance because I previously did not use sunscreen on my face. I can hear all the gasps and shocked expressions going round. Well, I only hope it is not too late to fix that. 

Ageless Derma is the latest range of products that has hit the market, and with the money back guarantee, it should be a good move to get people curious enough to try the products to see if they are what they claim to be. Check it out there is a 25% discount for the skin lightener if you use the code AGELESS.


eibla said...

I lost your blog address and stumble across your site again by googling "Eibla".


Hi again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eibla!

I actually thought of you the other day, and you turned up!!!

Hope all is well with you.

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