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Sunday, November 04, 2012


Oh well, it's time to pack again and go on a 3D/2N trip. A smaller bag will do. I am kinda excited that I get to go away again, two times this month, but at the same time, travel can be rather stressful. Besides, with the erratic wet weather these days, I could get caught in the rain and then fall ill. 

Anyway, two trips this month... woooeeee.... but at the same time, I will once again be in the red because I am not able to earn when I am moving around so much. Sobs! What to do???? I need to get a job that pays me for travelling. That would be awesome!! 

Unfortunately, a career change is not possible for the time being.


eibla said...

Enjoy your trip. I'm stuck in KLIA waiting for my flight while fighting flu.

Hope you'll get your sunshine there, wherever that may be.

Anonymous said...


Where are you heading to? I'm just going to KL and then Sabah this month!

I just recovered from an awful flu. Took me one month to shake it off!

eibla said...

Business trip to Tokyo. Hehe.. travel safe.

eibla said...

I wonder if KK is the same as before. Any chance of seeing any photos from your trip to Sabah?

Anonymous said...

Eibla... is there anyway to contact you? Want to leave you my email / Facebook lah.

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