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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Extremely Wet

We have been having extremely wet weather lately, so much so that some residential areas were flooded until chest height. A small child would have easily been swept away, imagine that! Many of my friends in Lim Garden and the Sungai Pari area were affected and in fact, they are still inconvenienced right now. Blame it on the weather? or blame it on the people not doing enough to ensure that something like this didn't happen in the first place?

Heavy rain broke a few of my umbrellas recently. Which reminds me, I was supposed to check out umbrella stands for my mom, who told me that ours are "old looking". Haihhh.. I have been running around so much, I didn't have time to window shop.

Anyway, hopefully, we will all survive this year of the water dragon!


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