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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Top Ten Windows Backup Services

The hard disk of my computer is showing me a warning. Ah, AGAIN! I have already tried to move my files away to an external hard disk. Even though it has a large storage space, it is filled already. In fact, I am thinking of buying another one when my friend told me that I should just get windows backup service, so that I could easily upload and download files from my computer and to an off-site server.

That certainly sounds like a good idea, and in fact, more a viable option as I don't have to "invest" one lump sum of money on an external hard disk. No doubt, it is not as expensive nowadays but it is still pricey. With a back up service, I would just need to renew my subscription, either monthly or annually. I have been doing a comparison on the various windows backup services currently available in the market. It's confusing until I found this list on which has a comprehensive review on each service, including price, storage space and money back policy.

What I find most useful is the in-depth review on each company, so that I could make an informed decision on which service to go with. It would be very troublesome to transfer my files from one provider to another.

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lezheng said...

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anyway, the windows backup service sounds good, have you considered Dropbox?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I do not have that song!

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