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Monday, November 14, 2011

MOFEW 2011

I was at MOFEW 2011 (Malaysia's Online Fashion Entrepreneurs' Weekend) yesterday at Mid Valley Exhibition Center. It was the third and final day of the event already. I also went last year, and I find that this year's event was even bigger and better, to my delight. I did not buy anything, though, as I did not see anything practical for me. Was looking for bags and shoes but they were too fashionable for me. Hahaha! Prices were pretty good, though.

I took a lot of photos but I can't share any here on my blog as I forgot to bring along my cable for the camera from home so I cannot transfer my photos, unfortunately. That will have to wait till I am home in Ipoh, if I remember! But as I said, I will be busy, so maybe I wouldn't even bother to check my old posts! LOL


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