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Monday, November 14, 2011


Yes, I am in PJ right now, working at my laptop. Had wanted to go out to meet a friend and then go shopping, since today is supposed to be a free day, in between appointments, but I guess not. I better stay in and work. Luckily, the internet connection is good in the condo, ir I would have to go down to the cafeteria to work. I don't mind going down except that it is very noisy downstairs and there are quite a few smoking residents who like to while away their time at the cafeteria. Oh well, this is condo living.

Anyway, tomorrow will be a day of travelling for me. So it will again be a wasted day. It's OK, as long as I complete all my internet work today. And then the craziness begins again once I am home in Ipoh. It will be an extended weekend, which means I have more work coming my way. Yahoo? Not sure. If only I get paid higher!


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