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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sick Once More

It seems as though every time I come home after being on the road, I am sick. I remember I was down with gastritis after coming home, which put me on my bed for four days. I am now still suffering from sore throat, slight fever and cough, even though I have been home for almost a week now.

The bad thing about being sick is that I have so much work piled up that needed catching up and after two days spent at home doing that, I have to be out and about town again doing some other work. Phew... luckily, I can still function, though it's tiring, and not like last month where I couldn't even get up from bed because I was so dizzy.

Anyway, I hope that my self-medication works. I hate seeing the doctor. I think I have been in and out of clinics and hospitals way too often than I like this year, and it's only just October!


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