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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Calling Around The World

Most families have members spread across the world. I have a sister in the United States, my neighbor has two sons in Singapore, a friend lives in Dubai with a mother in Malaysia and a brother in Singapore. Well, this is very normal and we keep in touch by email, instant messaging and of course, phone calls.

Years ago, international phone calls are only made on special occasions like birthdays and Christmases but with the popularity of VoIP calls, we can now afford to call every week, even daily, if we sometimes feel 'rich'. Hehe!

Although VoIP calls are cheap and there are quite a number of companies offering such service, the important factor that we should look at when deciding on the company to go with, is not only the low rates but the quality of the VoIP calls. What is the use when we are paying low rates but couldn't hear the other end of the line, right?

EasyPhonia is a VoIP company that that specializes in long distance and international calls. As a long time VoIP user, I have to say they have one of the lowest call rates. If you go with EasyPhonia, you can opt for a landline number, call card of mobile VoIP.

Some VoIP companies require us to sign a contract but EasyPhonia comes with no contract, no hidden fees. In fact, new users receive 10% extra credit upon first re-charge. Referring new users to EasyPhonia will gain you $5 or 200 free minutes.

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