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Monday, July 25, 2011

Extremely Busy Weekend

What an extremely busy weekend I had. It started on Friday, where I went to Kuala Lumpur for a day. I came back to Ipoh on Friday night and the following day, the craziness began. I went all over Ipoh to cover a few events. In the end, I managed to cover six events over two days. PHEW!

I really enjoy doing what I do, even if I do it for free. I get to see so many new things, exposed to things that i have never seen before and of course, I get to meet new friends as well. However, it would be best if I get paid to cover all these events!

My friend told me that I wasting time and money; fuel money, parking money, and other opportunities, doing this. But I really enjoy myself. Yes, it's hectic, especially during weekends but then, if I don't go around town, I'd just be at home napping. LOL


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