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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Number 1 & 2 In Malaysia

I've been so busy during the Sultan Azlan Shah (SAS) Cup 2011 that I have totally forgotten to post my photos of the PM and DPM's visit to Ipoh, until a friend sent me an email to remind me. OOPS! So here they are!

The Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister made separate visits to Ipoh for two different events. The PM's visit was the launching of Kempen Intervensi Awal Mencegah Berlakunya Kecacatan Kepada Kanak-Kanak in early May while the photo of the DPM was shot when he came to close Amanah Saham Malaysia Investment Week (MSAM 2011).

I know, these were taken so long ago. Well, the events seemed like ages ago though they were only 2 -3 weeks ago! Wowzers, time flies!


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