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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sick Three Times

What a boring week it has been! I was down with fever, sore throat and runny nose. My dad passed me the virus which he caught when the guy next to him in the LRT in KL coughed! %^(*#()^*!! Before one month is up, I am sick for the third time already. It's like all the money that I earned this month, which isn't much in the first place, have all been gifted to the doctor. This pisses me off, obviously! I hate to be sick because I don't want to see the doctor!

And every time I get a fever, my head just feels like exploding. All I want to do is to lie down because I can't think. As you can probably tell, the week has been extremely unproductive for me. I remember it was the same last weekend. Ah... that time, I was suffering from food poisoning for two days! How awful, huh?

I hope that the year will get better for me. This Year of the Rabbit isn't compatible for me, I think. Sob!


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