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Thursday, March 31, 2011

In The Red

It's the end of the month today and I have just balanced my monthly account. To my dismay, I need to fork out about RM900 to cover this month's expenses. This is the worst month I have had for a long while now and obviously, I am feeling the pinch. I hate to dig my piggy bank.

March always feels like an extremely long month to me; perhaps it is because of the short month of February with only 28 days compared to 31 days in March.

As you can see, I am unhappy. RM900 is a lot of money and to think that I didn't even travel for the past two months. In fact, after such a poor showing this month, I dare not even think of travelling for the next couple of months while I try to work harder to recover my loss. It doesn't help that the Ringgit is so strong!


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